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Verdun Dragon Boat Club

What is the Verdun Dragon Boat Club

Established in 2003, the Verdun Dragon Boat Club (Verdun DBC) supports four dragon boat teams, whose members are made up of about an equal number of men and women. The two mixed teams are Force and Impact, and the two single-sex teams are Verdun Men and Verdun Women. Verdun DBC is a Quebec-registered not-for-profit corporation managed by an elected and volunteer team of officers.

The dragon boat racing season extends from the beginning of May to the end of September. The rest of the year, Verdun DBC's members improve their technique at indoor paddling facilities and train in the gym to keep up their fitness.

Verdun DBC paddlers find their hard work recognized, their name known to their coaches, and their sense of belonging to a larger paddling family fulfilled.

How You Can Join

The Verdun Dragon Boat Club looks for active and committed people — paddling experience is not necessary. Verdun DBC members are of all ages. For a free a trial practice or for more information about joining Verdun DBC, visit Join Us and complete the Join Now form.

What is Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon boat racing is one of the fastest-growing paddling sports in the world. In North America, most crews are mixed, where there is virtually an equal number of men and women per team. Paddlers may be members of a mixed team and also race on a men's or women's team.

A dragon boat crew is made up of 20 people seated in ten rows of two paddlers each, who paddle to the beat of a drummer at the front, with a steersperson at the back. Although dragon boat races are typically 500 metres, they can range from 100-metre sprints to 20-km tests of endurance. Competitive teams typically complete a 500-metre race in about 2 minutes, racing at about 15 km/h.

Who Supports the Verdun Dragon Boat Club

The Borough of Verdun was the principal sponsor of the Verdun Dragon Boat Club at the inception of its predecessor, in 1996. The borough's generous support enabled the participation of Verdun DBC's teams at all of their competitions throughout the racing season.

Visit our Sponsors page for more information about the opportunities in sponsoring the Verdun Dragon Boat Club.

For More Information

For more information about the Verdun Dragon Boat Club, we invite you to contact Verdun DBC's General Manager.

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