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Guidelines for Members

The Members' Guidelines serve to remind Members of their commitments so that the Club may operate smoothly.

By becoming a Member of the Verdun Dragon Boat Club, Members agree to the terms set out in these guidelines.

1. Training

  • All Members wishing to race with Force are required to pool paddle once per week in the winter unless a prior understanding has been reached with the Coaching Staff.
  • All Members wishing to race with Force or Impact are required to paddle twice per week in the summer season unless a prior understanding has been reached with the Coaching Staff.
  • If a Member cannot attend a practice, he/she must inform the his/her team captains or the Coaching Staff of this by e-mail at least 24 hours before the scheduled practice. This is crucial during indoor training, as space is limited and this will allow for a teammate to fill the spot in the pool.
  • Team selections are decided by the Coaching Staff.

2. Competitions

  • All Members are obliged to attend the competitions scheduled for his/her crew unless a valid reason is given.
  • If a Member cannot attend a competition, he/she must inform the Manager of Competition of this at least 2 weeks prior to the competition. This is crucial as a replacement must be found and given sufficient notice to race the absent Member's place.
  • The e-mail address to which competition conflicts are to be sent is: competition@verdundbc.com.
  • Please respect all arrival and marshalling times on the day(s) of competition.
  • All Members are obliged to wear their Verdun Dragon Boat Club jerseys in the dragon boat in which they are racing during competition.

3. Conduct

  • All Members are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and sportsmanlike manner towards teammates, officials, coaches, competitors, etc.
  • If a Member intends on attending a competition with a non-Verdun DBC crew, he/she must advise the Coaching Staff and the Manager of Competition. This is specifically applicable to competitions where another Verdun DBC crew is in attendance. In most cases, this should not pose a problem, but each case will be dealt with individually. Such advisories are to be sent to: competition@verdundbc.com.

4. Fees

  • The deadlines for payment of Fees (membership, racing jerseys, training, etc.) must be respected, unless an alternate payment schedule has been reached with the Treasurer.

5. Competition Costs

  • All costs associated with traveling to competitions and overnight accommodations are assumed by the Member.

6. Healthy Lifestyle

  • All Members are obliged not to engage in the illegal use of drugs at Verdun Dragon Boat Club events and should not engage in impaired driving following such events.

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