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Summer Training

Summer Training

From May to the end of September, we practice outdoors at the on the Lachine Canal in Montreal, Quebec.

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Where We Train

Verdun DBC paddlers train on the Lachine Canal across the street from the Dompark Complex at 5527 St. Patrick, just west of de l'Eglise. We suggest you park on the north side of the canal at the Gadbois Centre, at 5485 Chemin de la Côte St. Paul where there are changing rooms and showers (do not leave valuables in your car or your locker).

5527 St-Patrick Street map

All Members are expected to attend each of the twice-weekly scheduled practices. If you cannot attend a practice, please notify your coach or team captains.

Practice Schedule

The Lachine Canal may close following a heavy rainfall. Check the Parks Canada Lachine Canal web site for last-minute closure announcements.

Team Summer
Force Mon., Wed. 7-8pm
Machine Mon. 8-9pm, Wed. 7-8pm
Men Mon., Wed. 8-9pm
Women Mon., Wed. 8-9pm

What to Wear

Verdun DBC practices rain or shine. For most of the summer season, a t-shirt, quick-dry shorts and sandals are recommended. May, however, can be a little cold, when it is advisable to wear multiple layers — no cotton.

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