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Winter Training

Winter Training

From November to the end of April, we practice indoors at the Canal Fitness training pool in Montreal, Quebec.

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Where We Train

Canal Fitness is located in the Dompark Complex at 5524 St. Patrick, #150, just west of de l'Eglise. The entrance to Canal Fitness is on the east side of the building.

5524 St-Patrick Street map

All members of Division 1 teams are expected to attend each of the weekly scheduled practices. Winter practices are optional for members of Impact. If you cannot attend a practice, please notify your coach or team captains.

Practice Schedule

Winter practice is required for Force, Men and Women paddlers and strongly encouraged for Impact paddlers.

Team Winter
Men+Women Tue. 8-9pm
Force Thu. 7-8pm
Impact+Senior Fri. 7-8pm

What to Wear

We suggest you wear: a t-shirt; quick-dry shorts; and sandals, paddling shoes or old sneakers.

Lockers and showers are available on site.

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