Racing Results 2008

June 14  Valleyfield: Juniors placed third (winning their first official medal), Impact (with the help of Express) won gold
Impact placed 2nd in the Community Division D final.

June 14  Lachine: Adrenaline placed second.

June 28  Summer Splash: Express finished third.

July 5 Shawinigan Dragon Boat Festival: Due to the change of venue to a fast-flowing river the race turned into a bit of a crapshoot. Lanes near the middle of the river were faster than the ones near the shore and the current made it difficult to align boats at the start. Adrenaline placed third and Express sixth.

Crew Club World Championships

Montreal Women 2nd
2nd 2nd
Montreal Men 6th 10th 6th
Montreal Open Masters
7th 6th 5th

Montreal International Dragon Boat Festival Results
Express: Premier Division B - 4th in 500m and 4th in 250m
Impact: Rookie Division A - DQ in 500m and 3rd in 250m.

Quebec Cup Results

500m 2000m Rank 
Adrenaline A-3/3 A-3/3 A-12/23* 10 Sport
Express C-3/14 C-4/15
B-4/14 14 Sport
C-3/13 D-3/18 A-5/5
11 Community
G-3/33 F-2/30 C-9/35
33 Community

Eastern Canada DB Rankings
All three adult teams have risen in the rankings compared to last year:
Adrenaline 7th up from 11 last year
Express 45 up from 64
Impact 178 up from 220
Juniors 248 down from 226