Competitive greatness is “the ability to be at your very best when your very best is needed.”
— John Wooden

The Joy in Competition

The late legendary college basketball coach, John Wooden, saw difficult situations as opportunities for fun. He described it this way: “There’s more pleasure in being involved in something that’s difficult than there is in being involved in something that anybody else could do.”

You have to love a challenge, and you have to love being able to rise to the occasion of meeting that challenge head on. This is what it means to be a competitor, and this is where you find the joy in competition.

Competition Calendar 2022

FORCE (Sport Mixed/Division 1)

Date Competition Location
May 28
Olympic Basin, Montreal
July 2-3
Olympic Basin, Montreal
Sept. 17-18
Olympic Basin, Montreal

MACHINE (Community Mixed/Division 3)

Date Competition Location
Aug. 6
Rawdon Lake, Rawdon
Verdun Dragon Boat Club winners